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Chaturbate – Arabella_Fae – SubSlut Rem DP and Facial
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Rem -reallllly- wants to prove to Subaru that she is the perfect submissive pet for him, even if he loves Emilia… Rem just wants to show her love for him too. She begs Subaru to let her please him but he tells her that unless she can prove herself worthy of his time….he wont touch her. He gives her a toy and tells her to start playing with it as though it was his cock, while he watches and films the whole thing. Eager to please Rem rides ‘his’ cock. She works so hard to show him how much she wants to please him. Little does she know that he has a second toy, and a friend who wants to watch too. Despite her initial shyness and uncertainty Rem is overtaken with her submissive desire to please Subaru as best as she can. When he tells her to take both toys she does but overwhelmed by the pleasure of imagining herself being Subaru’s reason to smile Rem accidentally cums too soon. Determined to show that her orgasm is meaningless without his, she begins to pleasure both cocks POV style with her mouth. Once again overwhelmed with her submissive tendencies Rem sucks the cocks vigorously, practically begging for her face and chest to be cummed all over. Rem is a good little pet- so of course she gets what she deserves ;3 (it’s a smudge quiet so turn your volume up and grab headphones!)


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